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Elegant Showerdoors, Inc. conveniently located in Hackensack, New Jersey specializes in frameless shower door installation, service and maintenance. We don’t offer a show room of shower doors but we can help you custom design a glass frameless shower door for your bathroom. With over 20 years in the industry there is no job we can’t do!

Frameless Shower Door Specialists

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Your home is cared for and protected as if it was our own.

What separates Elegant Showerdoors, Inc. from our competitors is the care we put into all of the work we perform. Our clients give us their trust and in return we give them our workmanship and our responsibility. We are responsible for the work we are compensated to do and the condition in which we leave your residence. We put great emphasis on taking care of your property as if it was our own.

  1. We protect all appliances, furniture, carpeting and flooring during installation.
  2. We provide the coverage with protective material to prevent scratching and unnecessary marks.
  3. We clean up your bathroom after we have completed installing your new shower door.
  4. There is no trails of debris from your bathroom to your front/back door after installation of your new shower door.

Elegant Showerdoors, Inc.

Clifton Frameless Shower Door


Both Impressive and space-saving, the framless neo-angle shower door enclosure with a low-profile base creates a beautiful shower set up for your bathroom.

Single Door & Fixed Panel

With unrivaled quality as well as a smooth, modern look, the frameless swinging shower door stands alone. Frameless Shower Doors are a great look for your bathroom.

90 Degree Frameless Panel Shower Door Installation

90 Degree Frameless Panel

Smooth and remarkable bathroom glass doors, the frameless structure offers a great upgrade other than using a standard by-pass door. It is the perfect size to replace an old 5 ft. bathtub to really make a lasting impact in your bathroom.

Spray Panel

Spray panels are a great sleek look for bathroom showers. The spray panel is a small panel that prevents water from spraying onto the floor. If you’re interested in this type of set-up for your bathroom then you’ve come to the right place.

Corner Enclosure

Let us turn your bathroom shower into the luxurious get-away you are looking for. There is no limit to the styles and customization of your enclosure. Work with us to design and create an amazing shower enclosure.

Sliding Enclosures

We can install sliding enclosures for your bathroom whether you have a bathtub or a standing shower. Sliding enclosures are great when you need to save space in your bathroom and they look great too!

Inline Enclosure

Elegant Showerdoors installs all types of shower doors for your bathroom. Pictured is an inline enclosure that is great when you need to fit into a tight spot. All of our shower doors work for you and our design team ensures we pick the best option for your bathroom.

Custom Cut Glass

Elegant Showerdoors, Inc. can custom cut any measurement for your new shower door and complete shower enclosure. There is no design we can’t make work! Contact us at 201-294-9484 for any questions or to set up an estimate.

Hardware Style Options

(Click Here For A More Detailed Picture Of The Finishing Options)

Why Choose Us?

At Elegant Showerdoors, Inc. we provide professional services, point blank. If you’re looking to turn your bathroom into everything you dream of, we can help – we have exactly what you’re looking for. Our showerdoors come directly from the manufacturer, which translates into significant savings to our customers.

With a large selection of elegant bathroom glass doors there is no need to look any further. We offer professional shower door installation for all of our clients. Contact us today and we can help you find the next shower door for your bathroom and install it!

Service Areas

Elegant Showerdoors, Inc. is currently doing work in Essex County, Passaic County, Union County, Morris County, Hudson County, Bergen County, New York City and much more. Our service is not limited to these areas so contact us today!

Recent Projects Done By Elegant Showerdoors, Inc.

Enduroshield Free With Installation!

Enduroshield is available and included with every installation of every frameless shower door. It’s time to say NO to soap scum, mineral deposits and debris that effect the quality and life of your shower door!

Elegant Showerdoors, Inc. offers this as part of every installation because we take care of our clients. After all, you are what makes our business run and without you there wouldn’t be any business.

  • I used Elegant Showerdoors for my shower door project in my bathroom. They were great. They delivered as promised and left my house exactly as it was before they started. The services are professional and I highly recommend this company.
    John Von Borstel
    Century Tree Services
  • Elegant Shower Doors is company I recommend for your next shower door. They installed a beautiful neo angle shower door in my bathroom and I love it. The work was great and very professional.
    Alan DeRisi
    Best In Class Solutions

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