Elegant Showerdoors is an up and coming family-owned business, producing extremely high quality work while offering courteous services. Our specialties offer Bergen County Frameless Shower Enclosures that will turn your bathroom into what you dream of. We specialize in all things Shower Doors including installation, maintenance and other services. We are a small company so our overhead costs are low. This allows us to provide our customers the best price in the business, guaranteed! Our experience and knowledge in the industry gives our clients the help they need, when they need it. Read More…

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Shower Door Installation

Elegant Showerdoors takes great pride in making sure all customers receive professional installation. Installing a new shower door is a process. We ensure your home is protected during the installation process, covering all surfaces and leaving the areas pristine conditions. Your home is very important to us as is our work that we do for you. We are always developing better ways to keep customers happy and stay innovative with the installation of frameless showers that will leave your bathroom looking great and our customers feeling great.

We Cut Costs

Elegant Showerdoors offers direct from the manufacturer pricing with quality service. Elegant Showerdoors urges you to get another quote from a retail shower door or glass company and compare our price to theirs! The price gouging stops here and now! You don’t have to worry about that high priced contractor or glass company to have the beautiful shower door you want!


Frameless Showers Doors

Elegant Showerdoors is quickly becoming the leader in Glass Shower Doors and Shower Enclosures in the Bergen County and the Tri-state area because of our great service. We provide all of our clients with service they can trust. Our quick turnaround time partnered with knowledgeable experience in the shower industry makes Elegant Showerdoors your go to company for your next bathroom shower project. There is no need to spend more money then you need to. Cut out the middle man and buy Frameless Shower Doors direct from the manufacturer! Frameless Showers provide elegance to all bathrooms.

Experienced Shower Door Services

Elegant Showerdoors has the experience you need for your next shower door project. Customer service and customer satisfaction is what makes our business thrive. Past successes with clients have paved the way for our business. We invite you to find out more information about our company. Give us a call today to take advantage of all the professional services we offer.

New Frameless Shower Door Installation

At Elegant Showerdoors we install new frameless glass shower doors. We make the process stress free for all of our clients because we work with them every step of the way. Suggestions from an expert go a long way when purchasing a new shower door and what better of a suggestion than that from Elegant Showerdoors. We do not only install your next new frameless glass shower but we assist with the overall design of the finished product. Not all shower doors, as elegant as they may be, are suitable for your bathroom. Our experts will work closely with you to pick out the shower door that will work best with your bathroom. From color, to size, to shape, you must consider all of these factors when purchasing and installing a new frameless glass shower door.

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Removing, Cleaning and Re-Installing Shower Doors

Elegant Showerdoors is happy to help you with all of your shower needs. Whether you are purchasing Frameless Shower Doors for your bathroom or you want your existing shower to look new again, we can help. Proper application during initial installation of your new shower door is important for its’ life span. Enduro Shield during initial installation will make your shower easier to clean for the next 10 years. The best part about our company is that we include professional Enduro Shield application as part of your service and with no extra cost. With Elegant Showerdoors you get great rates and professional services. Look no further, contact us today!

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Replacement of Vinyls on Most Shower Doors

After years of normal wear and tear on Frameless Shower Doors you can find that the vinyl on your shower door needs to be replaced. We can help. You may notice that water is escaping while your in the shower. This can be due to the vinyl attached to your shower. There is no need to worry because we can assist in replacing vinyl on most frameless showers. Don’t hesitate, contact us today for more information.

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Coating Glass Shower Doors with Enduro Shield

Enduro Shield is a professional application that will enhance the life span of your new frameless shower door. Enduro Shield makes it easier for you to clean your shower door for the next 10 years. Take the stress off of intense scrubbing and cleaning of your shower door and make it easier on yourself. Protect your investment with Enduro Shield.

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Elegant Showerdoors prides itself on great customer service, professional workmanship and knowledgeable assistance. We welcome all new clients from all around the tri-state area. We are always working and you can always contact us. To find out more information or for all inquiries you can call us at:
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If you prefer to reach us by email you can at elegantshowerdoors@gmail.com. Located in Hackensack, New Jersey we are willing to travel a great distance to assist you. Enjoy peace and comfort in your new shower. We look forward to speaking with you and thank you for visiting our website! Check out our google my business listing for great reviews!

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