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Neo Angle Shower Doors

Neo Angle Shower Doors come equipped with three panes of glass all enclosing the corner in a shower area. A simple design, this space saver offers elegance to your bathroom. The space saving option and elegant look has made this type of shower door very popular.



Elegant Showerdoors, Inc. offers our clients a variety of styles and different hardware choices so that you can customize the perfect door for your bathroom. Our custom design team can cut the glass for your shower door any measurement needed to fit your bathrooms’ needs. We can help you design the perfect neo angle shower door for your modified bathroom.



Common glass thickness for a frameless neo angle shower doors is usually 3/8” or ½”. Any lower would require a frame for stability. We specialize in frameless shower doors because we want what is best for all of our clients.



You can choose from many different finishes for you neo angle shower door. Adding texture to your glass shower door finish will work with the tile within your bathroom shower. For smaller spaced bathrooms adding texture to your glass door will make it look like there is less space, so we do not recommend this. If your goal is add privacy in your shower then we highly recommend this option.

A variety of glass finishes or textures are available for your custom shower door installation.  The first question to ask yourself – do you want your neo angle shower door enclosure to have texture to it?  If your goal is to highlight quality tile within your shower or maintain an open appearance and the illusion of a larger space, you probably don’t.  But if you plan to share your bathroom with others and maintain a sense of privacy while you’re in the shower, a textured glass finish is appropriate.

We custom cut glass to any measurement that you need. We look forward to working with you, please contact us with any further questions!

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